Erasmus+ KA2 project with the aim to improve quality assurance in transnational VET mobility.

European Center for Quality

European Center for Quality Ltd. (ECQ) is a modern consulting company founded in 2001 specializing in the following fields:

  • development and management of projects under different EU programmes+development and implementation of Management systems in accordance with international standards (ISO 9001:2008/2015 Quality Management Systems (MS); ISO 27001 Information security MS; ISO 14001:2004/2015 Environmental MS; ISO 50001:2011 Energy MS; ISO 18001 OSH MS)
  • providing consulting services to the Bulgarian SMEs with regard to increasing their own competitiveness and productivity+business analyses and marketing surveys
  • preparation of analytical reports for different economic sectors or companies. 

Over 16 years the company has been working in close cooperation with a number of national and foreign partners, among which are educational institutions and universities, qualification centers, NGOs, consulting companies, education inspectorates, municipalities, associations, chamber of commerce, research centers, enterprises, etc.

Since its establishment the company has developed and implemented projects for more than 150 enterprises, more than 13 municipal projects, over 30 projects under LLP programme (Partnerships, TOI, DOI, KA1, KA4) and 21 Erasmus+ (KA1 and KA2). Since 2008 the company has started to participate as partner under Intelligent Energy Europe taking part in EGS (2008-2011), Energy for Mayors and SHEEP projects (both 2010-2013), 50000and1 SEAPs (2014-2017). Therefore, the company has rich experience in the practical implementation of international projects in compliance with the relevant requirements of different programmes.The company has proven experience also in training of young students and young unemployed under LdV and Erasmus+ programmes, as well as training of SME managers and employees in the field of application of various international quality standards. Since 2004 ECQ has been in the role of hosting and intermediary organization for young people wishing to acquire skills and improve their skills in a real business environment.

In 2004 ECQ initiated a mobility project for training of 18 young unemployed in the sector of PVC window production. In 2005 the company participated as a host organization in LEO-THESIS project (LdV, Mobility) initiated by the Technological Institute, Athens, Greece with the aim to provide training in European quality standards. In 2006 ECQ as an intermediary organization coordinated and implemented together with the Association for processing vegetables another mobility initiative aiming to provide a 3-month vocational training of 15 young unemployed in Greece in the sphere of bio vegetables production. Next mobility activities were initiated in 2007 - project "European practices in the processing and canning of vegetables," within which a group of young unemployed went on a 3-month placement in Greece in the field of refrigeration, freezing, canning and marketing of vegetables in accordance with ISO 22000:2005. In 2013 within Erasmus+ programme, ECQ initiated the project RESTrain: “Providing Professional Training of Students in the Field of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Sources” aiming to send a group of 30 students on three-week training at Fenice Park of Renewable Energy, Padova, Italy. In 2015 another learning mobility was launched – UKTrain: “Learning Mobility of Students for Successful Professional Realization in Engineering and ICT Sectors” sending 90 students from 3 VET schools on a 2-week internship in Plymouth, UK in the engineering and ICT sectors.

ECQ works in compliance with ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System. ECQ commits the set of principles and values outlined in the “Code of Ethics for EU project management” for which ECQ is official signatory.



The Erasmus+ funded STAYMOBIL project sets the overall aim to improve quality assurance in transnational VET mobility through socially responsible behaviour of all VET mobility actors, thus promoting and further developing quality in mobility and sustaining learning outcomes.

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