Erasmus+ KA2 project with the aim to improve quality assurance in transnational VET mobility.


STAYMOBIL Practice Kit will be indissolubly bound up with the Reference Framework. It will serve as a practical toolbox for sending, receiving and intermediary organizations to verify and assess the quality of activities provided at all stages of mobility in accordance with the specified in O1 quality indicators.

Practice Kit will comprise:

1. Guidance Manual for Implementation, Evaluation and Review providing a step-by-step guide on how to go through the self-assessment process using the web-based Self-Audit Tool. The Manual will serve also as a practical approach for detecting weak performance areas, planning improvement measures and at the end monitoring the results and progress in the sense of continuous improvement.   

2. Web-based Self-Audit Tool will be a self-assessment survey and reporting tool that will provide mobility organizers with a snapshot of organizational strengths and areas for improvement when dealing with mobility. It will be a question-answer based test deriving from the indicators matrix of O1. 

3. Progress Portfolio will allow users to track their improvement on quality after a series of actions undertaken following the self-audit results. By implementing a portfolio system it will be created a record of one’s self-assessments as a best way to track their progress over the time. Through individual accounts users will be able to receive progress information displayed in a graphic format.


Practice Kit for Sustainable Transnational VET Mobility - Methodology



The Erasmus+ funded STAYMOBIL project sets the overall aim to improve quality assurance in transnational VET mobility through socially responsible behaviour of all VET mobility actors, thus promoting and further developing quality in mobility and sustaining learning outcomes.

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